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You might be missing out on hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring will be one of the best looking investments in a floor that anyone could want. Timeless or contemporary, hardwood will tell a story about the home it resides in. Whether it’s an exotic Brazilian Cherry or Teak; time-honored American Hickory, Walnut, Oak and Maple; or even Bamboo and Cork. Every species will say something different about you, your home, your lifestyle.

Hardwood is different from laminate, vinyl or carpet. It is a floor type, not a floor covering. It is meant to be permanent, and seldom if ever changed or tore out. Expect to pay a little more for hardwood, but you’ll also be getting more: Something natural, something that ages with time, something whose patina will darken, and the occasional scratch or dent that gives hardwood a lived-in look.

Hardwood can be found in a variety of species and stains. Keep in mind that a natural stain will hide scratches better than a dark stain on a light-colored wood.





Solid vs. Engineered


Engineered hardwood

An engineered hardwood is designed to lessen expansion and contraction which is the natural occurrence of wood to abort moisture and then dry out. A cross section of wood will show a similar construction to plywood under the first layer of hardwood. Engineered hardwoods can be installed using several methods and are usually rated for any grade in your home whether it is a basement, the attic or anywhere in between. It is not recommended to put any hardwood in a full bathroom with a shower.

Solid hardwood

Solid hardwoods are a full plank of wood. These are the traditional hardwoods and are usually rated for any ground level floor or above. Solid hardwoods are normally not used in full bathrooms due to an excess of humidity.